The Difference Between Licensed and Certified Home Inspectors

It is safe to say that it pays to go with the experts but the question remains – how do you know if you are getting a great bargain when you choose a home inspector? It comes down to understanding the difference between a Licensed Home inspector and a merely certified home inspector. It is not wise to gamble when your home and financial resource is involved. We will look at some topical issues that can help to set you in the right direction.

The Accuracy of the home inspection report: Licensed home inspectors have the training and capacity to deliver a report that meets your specifications. A recent survey was carried out in a State in the US and it was discovered that the merely certified home inspectors were not up to par when it comes to producing an excellent home inspection report. Someone may argue that this may be a coincidence but the study was carried out over a 6 months period and the results were the same. It is instructive to note that most home inspectors who are merely certified usually work for licensed home inspectors. This means that by default, they recognize that the licensed inspector is above them. It is therefore not surprising in the difference that you can get with your report depending on which personnel you engage to work with you.

Knowledge about building construction: It is evident that licensed home inspectors have a better understanding of the structure of a building. A recent long island home inspection by Always Guarding You reflected the touch of true professionals. They itemized the various components in the home and showed that they really had a full grasp of every detail of the building’s construction. A closer look at their personnel showed that it is made up of licensed home inspectors. One major difference between merely certified home inspectors and licensed home inspectors is that the latter have a full knowledge about building construction.

Satisfaction of the client: It is not rocket science to state that satisfying today’s customers can be quite Herculean. One of the ways to go about this is to understand their needs, have the right tools to solve their needs and to be equipped with the necessary skills to put it all together. Most individuals who have worked with licensed home inspectors who provide some of the best home inspections Long Island has ever had stated that they have a higher level of satisfaction. The inspectors took them through each process of the project and were able to analyze all that they need to know. They said that they took away the ambiguities and helped them to follow through at each stage of their home inspection. Most of the clients believe that this experience would not have been possible if they settled for merely certified home inspectors.

an inspection serviceNumber of inspections performed in a year: One of the professional bodies that oversee the activities of home inspectors noted that licensed home inspectors carry out more projects in a year. The constant exposure to working on the field made them able to fully command the leading role in serving the interests of the customers. The merely certified home inspectors did not match the number of inspections which their other counterparts performed in a year. It is vital to reiterate that this study which spanned for 5 years showed similar results over the duration that the research lasted. Based on this, we can safely state that the hands-on experience of licensed inspectors give them the edge over merely certified home inspectors.

Home inspection as their primary occupation: Virtually every licensed home inspector takes their job as a full time profession. On the other hand, merely certified home inspectors often combine their trade with other businesses. This can make it quite challenging for a client that need prompt response to his home inspection request. The merely certified personnel may have his plate full and may not be able to attend to the needs of the client with the speed that the customer requires.

There are many other differences between licensed home inspectors and merely certified home inspectors. Some of the points listed above simply address the salient facts that cannot be glossed over. When you truly want the best results in your project, it is advisable to use the service of a licensed home inspector.

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